Just Because We Could Cook a Few Simple Dishes of Indian Recipes, We Always Thought That We Are Already An Expert in Indian Cuisines.....

Just How Wrong We Can Be!

From the kitchen of Carol:

Dear Friend,

Survey has shown that the number #1 reason why so many people failed to achieve the desired results when cooking Indian cuisine is due to the inability to comprehend the usage of the many herbs and spices found in the Indian recipes.

We all know just how important condiments, seasoning, herbs and spices are when it comes to preparing and cooking great Indian cuisines.

In fact, not many people have the culinary experience to completely depend on their judicious use of herbs and spices. Many thought they knew, but unfortunately they do not. I was once like that too until I found out later by trials and errors.

To most people,  the MANY QUESTIONS remained:

Which herbs and spices go with which food?
When do we use them?
Should we use that particular herbs and spices?
Where do we store them?
How do we identify them?
And how much should we use?

Questions like these may be intimidating if we do not have the knowledge about herbs and spices. It's easy to get it all wrong and completely butcher what could have been something delectable. You see, bringing with you into the kitchen a little prior knowledge of herbs and spices could be the thing that defines you once and for all as a cook par excellence. I have taken a long time to compile this useful resources which have helped me as well as many others all over the world.

So will you grab it if

you have the chance and opportunity

to learn the answers

 to all these questions?

Be both a scientist and an artist as you learn to cook with herbs and spices.


What if you have an illustrated guide to cover the whole spectrum of herbs and spices for culinary uses?

Herbs 'n' Spices reference book is truly a cook's essential companion that adds exciting and exotic new flavors to your cooking, with flair and creativity:

  • An indispensable 182 pages of references that shows how to prepare fresh and dried herbs, how to use herbs and spices in cooking, and details everything that other books on the subject leave out.

  • Containing a unique collections of 156 colored photographs on various herbs and spices, grouped by aroma and taste to demystifies the mystery and beauty of spices in their use, blending, and ability to change and enhance the character of the food.

  • How to select, store, prepare, and cook with herbs and spices - and enjoy them at their best.

  • Covering more than 110 different types of herbs and spices grouped according to their dominant aroma and flavor.

So in order to ensure that you are able to use your newfound knowledge on herbs and spices to the maximum, we will bundle it with India's Best Recipes cookbook.

India's Best RecipesThe title of this India's Best Recipes cookbook expresses the intend and purpose for which it was written. You will find that the key to great Indian cooking lies in learning to enjoy yourself foremost and letting everything else follow.

As Indian cooking has global appeal; it is also one of the most varied of world cuisines. Featuring over 250 vibrant collection of spicy appetizers, tangy meat, fish and vegetables dishes from India, carefully selected to reflect the best of each categories, India's Best Recipes Cookbook is the indispensable, practical guide to the mouthwatering masterpieces of India’s unique culinary tradition in all their subtle and at the same time, spicy delicacy.

Includes tempting ideas for every part of the meal

From soups to main course, you’ll find all the ingredients to make any Indian meal you prepare a truly memorable success. You will be shown exactly how to master the various skills involved in preparing Indian food, with clearly presented recipes, with full ingredient listings, quantity and preparations guidelines and serving suggestions – all designed to help you make the most of your food.

Clear step-by-step instructions and full-color photographs of the finished dishes guarantee perfect results every time.

The result is a colorful and above all authentic treasure of culinary delights that will inspire you to create meals that will delight both your family and friends.

As you gain proficiency and personal confidence in Indian cooking, you will find that this cookbook is helpful in adapting various recipes to your own personal tastes and experimenting with different ingredients to achieve a desired result.

Start Today with No Cooking Experience Needed

With our recipes, there is no room for error. Simply follow the directions and exact ingredients, and you will cook a perfect match of your favorite recipes. Fool your friends and family into believing that you have cooked for years!

Listen to What Others Have to Say.....

"My family loves Indian food but I do not have any cooking experience, but with this cookbook, I was able to make an excellent meal for my family and they were very impressed!"

- Karen

Austin, Texas


"Before I bought your cookbook, my cooking was really bad and it really upset my entire family and it was really embarrassing to my friends.


But now, I could actually cook so well that my friends thought the food was actually cooked by some professional chef!"

- Michelle McBride

Successful Food Enthusiast

Michigan, USA


"I have personally tried MANY of the recipes, and have been thrilled EVERY time, so have all the friends and family that I have cooked for.


Everybody who gets to taste my cooking says how amazing it is that these recipes taste just like the restaurants.


Thank you for helping me to realize that I love cooking"

- Debbie H.


Michigan, USA


"....these recipes are simply fantastic! So far I've tried 8 different dishes using your cookbook and the response has been the same each time - Great taste!"

- Joycelyn

Food Beginner

Miami, FL


Let's be honest, you may not see yourself as a great cook at this point in time. You may not even see yourself cooking for your friends or family apart from the usual boring dinner or lunch.


But what if I tell you now that this is a golden opportunity for you to learn some solid, surefire and failsafe cooking, will you believe me? Thousands have, and they are now benefiting from being known as top notch cooks by their friends and family members! Achieving all this without YEARS of hard training, or learning how to cook from scratch.


At the price we're going, each recipe is instantly available for your own use at only a mere few cents per recipe. Which restaurant on EARTH can you possibly find a deal like this?


"The first time I saw this cookbook, I was totally blown away! Mind you, I'm a food lover who doesn't know how to cook for nuts.....


No way someone will be able to teach me how to cook these dishes at a fraction of the price! Not to mention that other cookbooks on the market are easily selling at twice the price with many times less information


Carol, I think your cookbook will put the restaurants out of business if everyone starts following your instructions and cook from home!"

- Susan Cameron

London, XX, SW1A 2AH

United Kingdom

Cook the Recipes and Entertain your Guest Tonight!

With the downloadable copy of the cookbook, you will:

Save Time. No need to continually try to match your favorite recipes. We've already done the work for you!
Save Money. Save huge amounts of money by cooking your favorite dishes at home! You will save thousands of dollars per year by cooking just one of these recipes each week rather than going out to eat!
Start Cooking minutes from now! Start creating your first perfect dish minutes from now. You'll get instant access to the India's Best Recipes Cookbook.
Easily print recipes. Individual recipes are setup on their own page to allow you to print just the recipe you want at any time.


Order Today & Get Free Bonus Gifts

What do you get?


India's Best Recipes Cookbook. More than 250 of the Best Indian Cuisines included. Worth US$47.00


India's Best Recipes CookbookIt is a value for money as there are more than 250 different delicious recipes in the cookbook.




Free Bonus #1: Herbs 'n' Spices. Bringing subtlety, harmony, and complexity to your cooking. Worth US$67.00.


Using Herbs and SpicesAdd exciting and exotic new flavors to your cooking, with flair and creativity. A 182 pages encyclopedia of more than 110 types of herbs and spices grouped according to their dominant aroma and flavor with 156 colored photographs.


Free Bonus #2: Order Now and Get this Asian Seafood Recipes Cookbook. Worth US$12.00

Asian Seafood Recipes CookbookThe Asian Seafood Recipes Cookbook includes 70 seafood recipes from 6 different Asian countries.


Plus Your Complete Satisfaction is Assured With My Risk-Free Guarantee:

Full 30 Days, No Questions Asked Money Back Guarantee and You Still Get to Keep the Products.

I am so confident that these authentic recipes will satisfy the taste buds of even the most demanding food critics that I am offering a full 30 days money back guarantee.

Try them for a full 30 days. Cook as MANY of the mouth watering and fullproof dishes as you like and use it to entertain as many guests as you want.

If you are not satisfied with this product, even if you do not LIKE the way the recipes are presented, simply send me an email for a full refund. Absolutely no questions asked.

And not only that, you can keep all the products even if you have cancelled your order for having given me the opportunity to show you the products. That proofs how much confidence I have in my own products.

My Limited Time Offer:

With a total value that is worth US$126.00, I am tempted to sell this amazing combo cookbooks for $97 or more. After all, what you need is just one meal and the cookbook will pay for itself.

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However, if you order now without delay, all three books are available for a  risk free price of only $29.97

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Wishing you the very best in your cooking adventure.....

Culinary Regards,




P.S. These all-time mouth watering recipes may not be available the next time you visit this page, so order now to avoid disappointment! You'll get our great and complete cookbook with nothing held back!


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